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Tombstone RIP review

Tombstone RIP



Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul has 7 years of experience with online slot machines. His net gains have reached $550,000 in 2022.

“Tombstone RIP is an exciting slot game that makes use of tombstones as its slot machine symbol. In this game, the player pulls a lever to activate or stop any symbols on reels 1-5. After the player has pulled the lever, he or she can choose to hold 4 out of these 5 symbols by clicking on them. The remaining symbol on reel 1 (the “active” reel 1) is replaced with randomly selected icons from those symbols that were held initially.” Aaron Paul

Tombstone RIP for real money

Tombstone RIP slot

Death is the theme of this game. This is not my favorite theme for a slot game but I find the game interesting. As for the symbols themselves, tombstones are usually seen as a symbol of death. However, many people mourn over loved ones who have died and try to remember them by placing headstones on their graves. Tombstone RIP is one example of an online slot game that uses tombstones as its main theme in order to create an interesting experience for the player.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of spinning the reels on a slot machine and winning big. My total net win on this game is $350. However, note that I do not play this game very often.
Nevertheless, Tombstone RIP slots is popular among online casino players. This Wild West themed game offers the opportunity to win real money, and it’s one of the most exciting games around.

If you’re looking for a chance to win some serious cash, then Tombstone RIP is the game for you. With a top prize of $25,000, this game gives you the chance to walk away with a life-changing amount of money. There are also plenty of smaller prizes up for grabs, so there’s something for everyone.

Tombstone RIP in a nutshell

Welcome to Tombstone RIP, the slot game that’s all about the Wild West!

In this game, you’ll be transported back in time to the days of cowboys and outlaws, where you’ll have the chance to win big rewards.

The symbols in the game include some of the most iconic images from the Wild West, such as guns, horseshoes, and Wanted posters. There’s also a special jackpot symbol which can award a huge payout if you’re lucky enough to hit it!

To start playing, just choose your bet size and spin the reels. You could be riding off into the sunset with a big win in no time!

How to play Tombstone RIP?

Tombstone RIP RTP

When you want to play Tombstone RIP slot games, there are a few things that you need to know. First, you need to decide which game you want to play. There are many different types of games available, so make sure that you choose one that interests you. Once you have chosen a game, you will need to find a casino that offers it. You can find these by searching online or by asking friends and family members where they play their favorite games.

Once you have found a casino that offers the game that you want to play, you will need to register for an account. This account will allow you to access the game and keep track of your progress. You will also be able to see how much money you have won or lost during your sessions. After you have registered for an account, you will be able to log in and start playing.

When you are ready to start playing, you will need to select a coin size that you want to bet on each spin. You can choose from a variety of different sizes, so make sure that you pick one that fits your budget. Once you have selected a coin size, you will need to place your bets. There are a variety of betting options available, so make sure that you understand all of them before you place your bets.

Once the game starts, you will see a spinning wheel on the screen. This wheel will contain a number of symbols that correspond to the different values of coins that you can bet on. As the wheel spins, you will see the symbols change and you will be able to place your bets accordingly. If you are lucky enough to hit a winning combination, you will be paid out according to the odds that are displayed on the screen.

Scary, right!?

Bet and win

Tombstone RIP bonus

1. Know the game’s symbols and their payouts. There are different symbols in the game, and each has its own corresponding payout. The higher-paying symbols usually have bigger payouts, so it’s important to keep an eye out for them.

2. Place your bets wisely. It’s always tempting to bet big when you’re on a winning streak, but resist the urge to do so. Remember that the house always has an edge, so you need to be careful. Start small and increase your bets as you win.

3. Take advantage of the game’s bonus features. Tombstone RIP has several bonus features that can really help boost your bankroll, like wild symbols, free spins, scatter symbols, and cash prizes. Make sure to check out all these bonuses so you know when they come up.

As you can see, nothing really complicated.

Tombstone RIP Bonus Features

Tombstone RIP game

Apart from the traditional wild card and free spin feature, Tombstone RIP slot game also has an exciting bonus feature, which is triggered by landing three or more Scatters on the reels. This feature is known as The Graveyard Feature and can give you up to six free spins with a multiplier of 2x-5x in addition to the regular wild features. There are two bonus features that can be activated during this round: Grave Grabber Feature and Ghostly Surprise Feature. In the former, symbols belonging to one kind will be replaced by another symbol of higher value randomly. In Ghostly Surprise, placeholder ghosts become active when they cover entire reel strips and act as additional wilds for the first five spins.

I don’t play this game very often nor that I really like the theme but the game is definitly entertaining and rewarding.

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Tombstone RIP has an RTP rate of 96%. This means that, for every $100 you bet, you can expect to win back $96 on average. This makes it a very generous slot game, and one that is well worth playing.

The minimum bet that you can make when playing the Tombstone RIP slot is $0.25 and the maximum bet is $250.00.